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By Wilhelm Hasenack

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II. Dismantling motion and German metal ability seventy eight a. Pig !ron ability seventy eight b. Ingot metal potential . seventy nine c. Rolling Mill potential . seventy nine d. Tube potential . . . . eighty e. skill of Drop Forges eighty one f. cord capability . . . . . eighty one g. top of the range metal capability eighty one half IV: results of Dismantlings at the Tra- portation and construction exchange 86 A Railway site visitors . . . . . . . 86 B construction exchange . . . . . . . ninety half V: fiscal Claims at present level of Dismantling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ninety four 1 A. S. = variety of American Dismantling record B. S. = variety of Brltish Dismantling checklist five PREFACE: Dismantling inspite of the Authority for the Ruhr ("Ruhr-Kontrolle") no longer lengthy after the German version of this pamphlet (end of November 1948) were released, the London discussions of the Six Powers resulted 1 within the Ruhr Statute Thc new scenario coming up in the course of the construction of a Western Allied Ruhr Authority places the previous difficulties into the pointy aid back. there's desire for a proof of the kin among Ruhr Statute and dismantlings and so me basic observations are nc essary. at the present, Europe faces the matter of ways a

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The coal chemical pIants are of greater importance both as far as the industriaI structure of the whole district and the branch of the chemical industrv suffering most from dismantling and production prohibits is concerned. The coal-memical works are f'artly coupled with coke-oven plants. pnrtly they are independent firms. The latter are opera ted in elose productional co-ordination with conl mines. for the purpose - and with the effect - of a maximum rational utilization of mined coal. Coal refinement and co al chemistry may render valuable assistance to the solution of the problem of coal grades and sizes.

By order of the Occupying Powers, an output capacity of totally 5,000 tons of ethylene oxide have to be dismantled. Originally, the intention was to cut capacities by the total dismantling of the chemical plants at Holten, although, as already emphasized, these plants can produce at eomparatively lowest eost. Thereafter. 500 tons equal to one fourth,of what was left of the original eapacity of 20,000 tons p. a. North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria approved of this agreement. Howcver. this agreement between the firms was turned down by the respeetive Military Gouvernments.

Its production program was greatly intended to meet export demands (in 1938: 35 per cent of the turnover). After the removal of the other important machine tool plants of North Rhine Westphalia, there is but one plant left to meet the excessive demands of the district, but this plant is limited in its output capacity. No details about the machine-tool plants of Schiess Co. at Düsseldorf, and Waldrich at Siegen are stated here, because these plants are located outside the direct Ruhr district. The early removal of the machine tool factorie,S, which took place under the inspiration of the Morgenthau doctrine, has minimized, to the detriment also of foreign countries, the possibility of genuine German reparation whiclt might have been effected in form of supply of new macltinery and of complete plant ~quipment to allied claimants.

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