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Utopian ideologies, through antiestablishment behavior, may transform existing social realities into a reality that is more in accord with their own conceptions. Conversely, they may also find themselves under attack in societies that feel threatened by contrary social forms. This reality will be explored as our discussion continues. The following chapter explores the universal desire to attain a desirable lifestyle via a series of brief historical case studies in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States.

For settlers, the results were grim. When compared with their First Nations counterparts, they were simply not sufficiently trained in the art of warfare. Eventually things got so bad that the United States federal government sent captured Confederate troops into Native American territory to assist the settlers. One Sioux leader, Red Cloud, resisted the military incursion and issued the infamous words to the military, “It must either be war or peace. If you want peace, return at once to Powder River” (Brown, 1995:84; Utley, 46 | THE PALGRAVE COMPANION TO NORTH AMERICAN UTOPIAS 1984:99).

Wilson probably came closest to being a leader, but no vehicle can be steered by three drivers with different maps. Today visitors who make their way to Dresden, Ontario, may tour Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site, which includes Josiah Henson’s home and other nineteenth-century buildings. The museum has exhibits dealing with Henson’s career and early African American history in Canada. Henson’s grave is located next to the museum. Western Migrations The settlers came. They were not stopped by anything.

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