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By Renata Dmowska

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A transparent exposition of the iteration T waves via earthquakes, the strain accumulation version, and seismic ray tracing and wavefront monitoring in laterally heterogeneous media.

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In (c) and (d), they map the intensity of the scattered T phase on the ocean floor as a function of the seismic amplitude reaching the epicenter and of the excitation of acoustic modes (essentially mode 1) at the relevant depth. The contours represent isochrons to the receiving station at Wake. The aspect ratio of frame (d) has been corrected to make the map conformal and give it the same scale as the Mercator projection in (b). Synthetic waveforms are presented in frames (e) and (f) by summing up the contributions of the various scatterers.

As a result, scaling laws predict that the duration of any seismic wavetrain should also grow, in principle linearly with the dimension of the 1/3 source, or like M0 . , 1972; Real and Teng, 1973), and it would be expected that the duration of T waves should also grow with source size. Indeed, a number of early studies sought to measure the duration of the T phase of large shocks in relation to their size. Eaton et al. (1961) noted that the T phase of the 1960 Chilean earthquake lasted as much as 6 minutes, while Ben-Menahem THE GENERATION OF T WAVES BY EARTHQUAKES 37 and Toksöz (1963) proposed 4 minutes for the 1958 Fairweather, Alaska earthquake.

While this value is not significantly different from those of truly intraplate earthquakes, THE GENERATION OF T WAVES BY EARTHQUAKES 49 F IG . 22. Preferential excitation of T waves by strike–slip earthquakes. (a): Dziak’s (2001) dataset of 179 regional earthquakes recorded on hydrophones in the Northeast Pacific. 38 (other), (b): Talandier and Okal’s (2004b) dataset of 8 T phases from subduction events in the Kuriles (open symbols; regressed as dashed line), and 15 transform fault earthquakes from the Eltanin Fracture Zone (solid symbols; regressed as solid line), recorded at Rarotonga.

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