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By Barus C.

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When we run the clock forward in the following sections, following either the radiation or the matter and antimatter, we will do so from almost the beginning of the Universe. What happened “in the beginning” is still a challenge. The conditions immediately after the Big Bang were so extreme, with such high density (above 1090 gram per centimeter cubed) and temperature (above 1032 kelvin) of matter, that we don’t even know the laws of physics for those conditions. Indeed, each particle collision is so energetic that we know that gravity is as strong an effect in such a collision as any other force, and our current theories of matter do not allow us to treat such strong gravity in a consistent way.

Think again of the raisins in the dough; they are moving apart, but not one of them is moving relative to the dough immediately around it. The shift of spectral lines due to the expansion of the universe is called a red-shift because lowering of the frequency of light within the visible spectrum moves any light toward the red end of the spectrum. However, this shift can be so large that lines are moved from the visible region into the microwave, while other higher-frequency lines are shifted from outside the visible range to any visible hues.

The dark matter is certainly not antimatter, since that would behave more like matter. Antimatter is just as self-interactive as matter, and so it too would condense into extradense regions and eventually make stars. It would not be spread out throughout a galactic cluster as the dark matter is observed to be. Furthermore, the known interactions between matter and antimatter would create dramatic effects that we do not see. So that possibility is excluded. We, particle physicists, have some ideas about what dark matter particles might be, but as yet no evidence for which, if any, of these ideas are correct.

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