New PDF release: A Treasury of Tantric Ideas: A Study of the

By Artatrana Sarangi

ISBN-10: 8185094659

ISBN-13: 9788185094656

Såamråajyalakòsmåipåiòthikåa, a part of åAkaâsabhairavakalpa, Hindu tantric encyclopaedic paintings; a examine.

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We mean that we cannot distinguish between the two colours, the two notes, the two sensations. And this no doubt is a relative knowledge, not a knowledge of things in themselves* But we do not mean incapacity of being distinguished when we speak of our own personal identity. to-day of his life of yesterday, and regards himself as the same being 42 Origin and Nature of [Lect. through all the time, he does not simply mean that he cannot distinguish between the being that existed yesterday according to his memory and the being that exists to-day according to his present consciousness : he means that the being is one and the same absolutely and in itself.

13 illustration. There is a well-known common toy called a Kaleidoscope, in which bits of coloured glass placed at one end are seen through a small round hole at the other. The bits of glass are not arranged in any order whatever, and by shaking the instrument may be rearranged again and again indefinitely and still without any order whatever. But however they may be arranged in themselves they always form, as seen from the other end, a symmetrical pattern. The pattern indeed varies with every shake of the instrument and consequent re-arrangement of the bits of glass, but it is invariably symmetrical.

41 by which he knows his own character. But through all these changes he is conscious of being still one and the same self. And he knows this ; and knows it, not as an inference from any observation of sense external or internal, but directly and intuitively. All other knowledge may conceivably be relative, a knowledge of things as they appear, not of things in themselves. But this is not; it is a knowledge of a thing as it is in itself; for amidst all changes in the phenomena of each man's nature, this still remains absolutely unchanged.

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