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By Lawrence Durrell

ISBN-10: 0876635761

ISBN-13: 9780876635766

Durrell’s extraordinary memoir of his religious trip with famed Taoist thinker JolanChang

Beginning with their first assembly over lunch at Lawrence Durrell’s Provencal domestic, Durrell and Jolan Chang—renowned Taoist thinker and specialist on jap sexuality—developed an everlasting dating in accordance with mutual non secular exploration. Durrell’s autobiographical rumination on their friendship and on Taoism recounts the author’s existential ponderings, beginning together with his advent to the paranormal and enigmatic “smile within the mind’s eye.” From parsimony, cooking, and yoga to poetry, Petrarch, and Nietzche, a grin within the Mind’s Eye is an enthralling story of a writer’s non secular and philosophical awakening.

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A general idea of the state of mind of the ordinary heathen African can be formed by considering what passes through his mind when he is suffering from an illness which does not immediately yield to treatment. The illness to him is not natural. Therefore the cause not natural. He searches for the cause perhaps with the help of the medicine man, and generally selects one of three invisible causes, not his sins or past indul- is — THE PEOPLES OF ZANZIBAR 32 gences, but witchcraft, evil spirits or the spirits of the His feeble conception of his soul, his vague, indefinite and almost impersonal conception of God, are poor barriers against the evil powers which surround him.

He grew up in Egypt and performed miracles and prophesied that Egypt would be a Mohammedan country. When THE PEOPLES OF ZANZIBAR 54 He returned to Syria His miracles had made Him notorious, but the Jews refused to believe in Him until He raised Ezra. There seems to have been some confusion here. It looks as if the raising of Lazarus is meant, but it is Ezra. Ezra was raised and testified to Jesus. There are truly wonderful legends about the Table. " On the table there was a cloth which covered it.

He is to return to earth but not as supreme Judge. He will then preach Mohammedanism, will marry and die and be buried at Medina. He is thought of always as one of the prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Enoch, David, Solomon, Jonah and Mohammed but Mohammed is greater than He, as being the last and final Messenger of God to man. Perhaps the most noticeable omission in the Koran is the omission of It seems either that Mohamthe teaching of our Lord. med knew little or nothing about it, or that it made little impression on his mind.

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