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Gypsum LaZelle is a misfit in a relatives of spellcasters-she possesses no magical skill whatever. until eventually the day while she turns into gravely ailing, and discovers that her Transition has happened ultimately, bestowing upon her an odd and scary strength.

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What did late transition mean? " I took a couple deep breaths and tried to see If I felt different from the way I had last week, before I got sick. How horrible would it be to go through transition and not even get anything out of it? My stomach rolled over. It had been doing that since the weekend. I hadn't thrown up, though, just felt a little sick off and on. Was that what power felt like? " I asked. Something tightened his face until I saw the bones beneath the skin. I usually didn't wonder how old GreatUncle Tobias was.

He turned and led the way upstairs. Jasper and Beryl and I followed. I was mesmerized by the sight of Tobias's bare legs, which were pale and muscular and forested with white hair. I had never even seen my great-great-uncle in a bathing suit; somehow I had imagined that he spent his life inside of clothes. I wasn't sure I was ready to learn that he had hair on his legs. In the lower tower room was the school room, with a round table in its center where we had had our lessons before Tobias graduated us, and where Tobias now studied and did workings.

I checked my brother and sister. They looked as shocked as I felt. Transition! I'd never heard of anybody going through transition at twenty. Maybe everything would change now. Maybe I'd finally be a real member of the family. Tiny tendrils of hope unfurled in my mind. Tobias didn't look happy, though. "What did she say? " "Transition," I whispered. " "She didn't say anything about . . " I shook my head. " His voice sounded so cold and dark I waited for what he was going to say next. All my life I had longed for some kind of power.

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