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By Bhikkhu Bodhi

This sleek translation of the Abhidhammattha Sangaha (Manual of Abhidhamma) deals an creation to Buddhism's primary philosophical psychology. initially written within the eleventh or twelfth century, the Sangaha has served because the key to knowledge held within the Abhidhamma. Concisely surveyed are Abhidhamma's primary topics, together with states of attention and psychological components, the features and techniques of the brain, the cloth international, based coming up, and the tools and levels of meditation. This offers an actual translation of the Sangaha along the unique Pali textual content. an in depth, explanatory advisor with greater than forty charts and tables lead readers during the complexities of Adhidhamma. This replaces 9552401038.

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3—4. The same view as 1 and 2 except that the boy does not hold any wrong view. 1. Compendium of Consciousness 33 5—8. These four are parallel to 1—4 except that the stealing is done with neutral feeling. The two types rooted in hatred may be illustrated thus: 9. 10. With hatred, one man murders another in a spontaneous fit of rage. With hatred, one man murders another after premeditation. The two types rooted in delusion may be illustrated as follows: 11. 12. A person, due to delusion, doubts the enlightenment of the Buddha or the efficacy of the Dhamma as a way to deliverance.

The view may either reinforce the attachment from which the consciousness springs by providing it with a rational justification, or the view itself may be an object of attachment in its own right. Wrong view is associated with four types of consciousness in all — two accompanied by joy and two accompanied by equanimity. The other four are dissociated from wrong view (diṭṭhigatavippayutta), in that greed operates in them without any accompanying justification provided by a view. Unprompted (asaṁkhārika): The third differentiating principle of consciousness rooted in greed (lobha) is the presence or absence of prompting.

Sense-Sphere Wholesome Consciousness (kāmāvacara-kusalacittāni) — 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Somanassasahagataṁ ñāṇasampayuttaṁ asaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Somanassasahagataṁ ñāṇasampayuttaṁ sasaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Somanassasahagataṁ ñāṇavippayuttaṁ asaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Somanassasahagataṁ ñāṇavippayuttaṁ sasaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Upekkhāsahagataṁ ñāṇasampayuttaṁ asaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Upekkhāsahagataṁ ñāṇasampayuttaṁ sasaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Upekkhāsahagataṁ ñāṇavippayuttaṁ asaṁkhārikam ekaṁ. Upekkhāsahagataṁ ñāṇavippayuttaṁ sasaṁkhārikam ekan ti.

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